This could be us…

But I’m a Lakers fan 🙂 BTW?! Is TSwift on a personal mission to befriend every celeb ever? She was sitting court side at the Knicks game alongside Amanda Seyfried, Kate Upton, and a third blonde betch I kinda recognize.

But seriously, one celeb she is unlikely to befriend is Katy Perry, as the “bad blood” runneth over. Beyond all the speculation that bad blood off Tay’s LP is about Katy Perry, KP’s bf Diplo is contributing to the dramZ. Apparently, the DJ tweeted on Nov. 12, “Someone should make a kickstarter to get taylor swift a booty.”
Diplo, then retweeted followers tweets which read, “@diplo I started a petition on to include it on the federal budget,” and “@sierrafairytale @diplo Help Me In Supporting ‘Get Taylor Swift A Booty’ on #fundly,” along with a link to a crowdfunded site.
Quite douchey to get involved in lady drama if you ask me.

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